Löwentrails. Quite my territory.

The magical symbol of the Swabian Alb - the most historic low mountain range in Germany - is the unique lion man ("Löwenmensch"). The lion stands for power and dignity, pride and strength and can be found in the coat of arms of the Staufer district of Göppingen and the state of Baden-Württemberg. Numerous stories and legends are entwined around the "king of the animals" and make you want to discover the Swabian Alb with all its facets.

In the district of Göppingen you can follow the footsteps of the lion - not only on foot, but also by bike: The Löwentrails stand for mountain biking in a varied natural setting and entice with impressive views and mysterious places. The three circular tours between 16 and 30 kilometers offer ideal conditions, especially for beginners and e-mountain bikers, and show the diversity of the Albtrauf. The trail sections are moderate, so that technical ability is not a prerequisite for riding the tours. In addition to steep climbs and the attractive landscape, the focus is above all on having fun.

Pleasant culinary stops along the way, three certified spas and excellent transport connections make the unique landscape around the "Double Albtrauf", shaped by the river Fils, a unique experience.

Enter the lion's territory and make it yours!